Sissy Maid Academy and Charm School

For Crossdressers and Gentlemen in need of Behavior Modification,
through Forced Feminization, Training, Discipline, and Domestic Servitude!

Domestic Servitude Training

Traditionally speaking, girls started as kitchen maids or housemaids,
and looked forward to someday becoming the head of their household department.

From an orderly point of view and the one which all other considerations must be subordinated is that the house must be clean. No matter how polite or well dressed the sissy maid may be, the first mark of a well-run house is cleanliness, not elaborate service. Far better a house which is shinny clean, where the service is poor, than one where the service is punctiliously complete and the corners are dusty. Cleanliness is prime consideration in working out the routine of household duties.

Another vital factor in running a household well is a clear understanding of what is to be expected of each other. It is impossible to set down a list of rules for any subject as changeable as modern housekeeping.

Whether one is Mistress or sissy maid, an understanding of the basic idea is immensely valuable.

Respect between a Mistress and her sissy maid can be most rewarding and satisfying. Ideally, this respect is complimented with warm mutual regard, and with equal watchfulness for the others welfare and happiness. It is always conducted with a certain amount of reticence and formality.

All households are divided into these departments: In very large households there are also: In addition there is another category which includes:

Their special duties are obvious and do not lie within the scope of the sissy maid. They are all professionals and should be treated as such. Charm School students who do not with to become sissy maids are encouraged to pursue these positions. They eat in the dinning room and with the family or on trays in their rooms but never with the sissy maids. The sissy maid is to treat them as guests of the family. The sissy socialites are no way involved in regular departments of the household. The Sissy Socialite will be asked to perform some of the duties of the staff mentioned above as part of their social training at The Academy.

Duties of the Kitchen Maid

In the kitchen the sissy maid is expected to cook for the Mistress and Master and the rest of the household and to wash the dishes after each meal. She is also expected to keep the entire back of the house clean. She is expected to take care of her own bedroom.

Duties of the Parlor Maid

Duties of the Ladies Maid

At night, when the bed has been turned down the ladies maid lays the dressing gown on a chair near the bed or in the dressing room. She then puts the slippers immediately in front of the chair. According to the best standards of maiding school, the nightgown should be pressed every night. It is to be folded neatly and placed on the bed. First, turn down a corner of the sheet over the edge of the blanket in a triangle shape, and then place the nightgown on top.

When there are guests for dinner the maid should be on duty to help the women guests with their coats and hats. The valet unusually does for men what the ladies maid does for women.

To arrange a man's evening clothes on a chair, the valet should hang the dinner jacket over the back of the chair. The trousers are then folded on the seat. Place loosely on top of the dinner jacket are the shirt and necktie and on top of the dinner jacket are the shirt and necktie and on top of these the underclothes. Socks and garters are hung over the arm of the sofa and shoes are set conveniently in front of it.

Other Duties of The Sissy Maid

Housework Scheduling

Sissy maids fail or are fired because of improper supervision, lack of skills and most important direction. It is the responsibility of the Mistress or Master of the house to set the standards of performance, and to expect them to be met.

A strict schedule should be adhered to at all time for domestic assignments. Communication is the most valuable tool of the trade for sissy maids. It is also the responsibility of the Mistress or Master of the house to scribe a detailed schedule of all sissy maids expected duties for the day, week, month, seasonal and yearly assignments.

Housework scheduling is a strict aspect of maid service; proper scheduling is fundamental to a well-run household. Scheduling is most important for the sissy maid with little experience. Learn all the trick of the trade at our Academy and have fun doing it with other sissies just like you.

Private lessons are also available upon request.