Sissy Maid Academy and Charm School

For Crossdressers and Gentlemen in need of Behavior Modification,
through Forced Feminization, Training, Discipline, and Domestic Servitude!

Introduction from Head Mistress

It has become increasingly apparent that our social traditions are rapidly changing.

The time has arrived for the effeminate male to take his proud place in society as the "sissy maid".

The ongoing paradigm shift in women's attitudes and career concepts has created a new social and professional niche for the "sissy maid".

These changes has led me to introduce...

Our unique workshops are perfectly designed to guide and assist the effeminate male in gaining social and professional acceptance. The Academy provides a safe, nonjudgmental atmosphere in a discreet, elegant setting. The Academy consists of a uniquely designed educational space that emphasizes a hands-on teaching environment. Much energy goes into planning your visit to the Academy! It will be the most exciting experience you'll ever have. It's Magical!

Here is where you will learn to understand the true identity of the submissive sissy maid. For many of you your dreams will come true. The road to self-improvement is not an easy one. Only through hard work and dedication will you reap the rewards and benefits awarded to someone who tries to become a better person. The sole purpose of the academy is for the training and education of the submissive male maid.

The Academy offers the finest and varied educational programs to assist you in becoming the girl of your dreams. There is nothing for you to be ashamed of or feel uncomfortable about. As a sissy maid you must get used to having the public know your true identity and social position with pride and dignity. Times are changing and The Academy is becoming a growing phenomenon.

We believe sissy maiding can become a legitimate occupation for certain people. Sissy maids play an important role and can become very much a part of someone's lifestyle. Young independent men and women are the most common employer of the sissy maid. The many functions a sissy maid can perform are almost limitless, from cleaning and ironing to personal masseuse and private secretary.

Some employers might even require the skills of a postgraduate sissy maid while on vacation, so they can maintain their personal level of service or companionship. We will personally assist you in becoming a more refined young lady with an appreciation for the fine European and Continental service and lifestyle. The Headmistress will constantly supervise your instruction throughout your stay, paying strict attention to your personal development.

In keeping up with the times, Headmistress has created a "Theme Park" Getaway. Young and old gentlemen requiring the discipline of a rigorous schedule and close scrutiny will desire to visit The Academy. But be warned...we employ teaching methods similar to those of the Old English Boarding School traditions. Suggestions and activities carried out at the Academy are between consenting adults. You may also customize your stay to suit your needs and tastes.

Please keep in mind at all times the difference between fantasy and reality. It is the duty of the Academy to be fully informed of your needs prior to your acceptance at the academy. That is why we prefer you to first answer the application form and send it in. When you sign your personal waiver form prior to instruction you have consented to allow The Academy to oversee your full instruction. Should you be a student who misbehaves, you will learn to understand and respect the meaning of discipline, corporal punishment and reprimand.

You must comply with humble obedience to all rules and regulations set forth at The Academy. Headmistress administers all punishments, penalties, rewards and dispensations.

We have highly supportive staff and volunteer participants at The Academy . Full and part -time sissy maid volunteers are welcome at the academy after they have completed Grade 1, consisting of 10-1/2 lessons.

A detailed behavior report will be kept of your performances during probationary periods.

Time is the most valuable lesson you will learn at The Academy. Time is our foundation. Headmistress will make sure all your clocks are set right. She will evaluate everything you say or do. Headmistress likes everything done in an orderly fashion. The Sissy Maid Academy is not a resort. You are here to learn, however, The Academy is a thrill in itself. Remember: Here at The Academy we provide you with a safe-non-judgmental environment. You may request a private or social setting at The Academy. . We do allow wives and mistresses to attend The Academy with their sissy boy to learn new tricks of the trade, however we only provide accommodations for our students. You may wish to book a hotel room if you are coming for an overnight stay or "The Weekend Boarding School".

The Academy expects its students to be of excellent character and will demand perfect personal behavior from you while on the premises. Headmistress expects you to maintain a pristine appearance at all times. It may be necessary for you to make adjustments throughout your stay to avoid infractions of untidiness. Should you fail to perform you tasks to perfection, The Headmistress will deal with you in a way she sees fit.

All students are encouraged to make the Honor Roll. A graduate of The Academy is a valuable commodity to the community and to herself. Your good skills should not go to waste. You will be rewarded for your dedicated servitude.

The Sissy Maid Academy